2014 – An Intentional Year


2014 will be the year of living more deliberately. My walk with Jesus, every single day, requires me to make daily choices. I must choose to wake up earlier, get out of bed and find a quiet place to get in touch with Him. I must choose to read His Word, personalize it and listen to Him as I do. He has much to say to me and He offers His wisdom, direction and understanding to me if I will seek them through Him.

I also have the option of making a choice, and that choice being to continue to be a lukewarm believer whose definition of seeking God is attending church on Sunday, and praying to Him when I get into a big mess. Doing nothing at all is also a choice. No matter what – I will make a choice.

My choice is to deliberately seek Him. I want to know Him, not just know about Him. I want to know His heart, hear Him speak and feel His presence in my life on a daily basis. I can’t have a fulfilling relationship with someone I spend very little time with. I choose to make the time to know Jesus better this year. I choose to spend time with Him, not only in the morning, but throughout my days. “Praying without ceasing” means I have the opportunity to engage God throughout the events of my day – in personal conversation. I talk with Him and He will talk back. What a deal! What a privilege!

I have the pleasure of moderating a daily Bible study, sharing, encouraging, mentoring time on our Facebook Page. There are men from Africa, Australia, Europe and the US who join us every morning. You’re invited. Visit our site every morning , read God’s Word together, and share with us what God is speaking to you about your life and marriage. We all need each other. Iron sharpens iron, right?


Let’s make the choice to be more deliberate about our walk with Christ, and our relationship with our wife/family this year. One day at a time.

See you in the morning –