7 Things a Woman Wants

According to author Kimberley Brooks, here are the top seven things a woman wants in a relationship.

A woman wants open and honest communication. Women have no problem openly communicating their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Men, on the other hand, communicate differently. Most men speak directly with more facts and less emotion. Women like to go into detail.

For instance, when a husband comes home from work and his wife asks him, “how was your day?” The husband may respond, “Fine.” His day may have been fine, but his wife then asks, “So, what did you do?” She wants him to go into more detail about his day. She wants to experience what he experienced, and share his day with her. She wants him to know that she cares about what went on this day in his life.

Women also want honest communication. Withholding pertinent information is not being totally honest. If a man is unhappy about something his woman says or does, he should tell her. If a man feels the relationship is moving in a different direction, he should let her know.

A woman wants to be able to trust her man. Proverbs 20:6 states, “…a faithful man who can find?” Even the Bible recognizes that a faithful and trustworthy man is hard to find. A woman wants to be rest assured that just because her man is going away on a business trip for the weekend doesn’t mean he’ll be asking another woman to join him for dinner and dancing after work.

A woman wants to be shown love. If a man loves a woman, not only should he tell her, he should show her. He can buy her flowers “just because,” take her to a nice restaurant, or take her out to do her favorite thing, whether it’s ballroom dancing, jogging, or visiting a museum.

He should show interest in her interests. If she’s an actress, he can support her by attending her performances. If she’s a writer, he can read her work. He can write her a poem, make dinner one night, or show affection for her in public. Many times it’s the little things that count.

A woman wants to be noticed and complimented. Man of God, don’t allow weeks to go by without noticing that your woman has drastically cut and colored her hair. Along with pleasing herself, sometimes a woman improves her appearance in order to please her man.

A woman wants someone to listen. Some men, being the problem solvers that they are, think a woman is telling him something because she wants him to figure out what she should do. That may not always be the case. Sometimes the answer can be found in just talking out a matter, and sometimes a woman just wants her man to listen.

A woman wants a man to remember important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. Write them all down if necessary. Even if it’s just a six-month anniversary, a man can surprise his woman by taking her out on special date. She will be pleased in knowing he remembered, because it lets her know that this day is important to him as well.

A woman wants to be her man’s best friend. A woman’s dream is to meet and marry her best friend. This can be accomplished by openly communicating and spending quality time together in order to get to know each other better on a spiritual, personal, social, and emotional level. Learn one another’s goals and dreams, and encourage each another to stay on the path that God has already predestined for your lives.

Well…there you have it guys.

Remember – the goal is progress, not perfection. Keep up the good work. God’s glory, and your wife’s heart, are worth it!!!