A Real Man

Men hate to be lost. We hate even more to admit that we’re lost, and (heaven forbid) have to ask for help.

What is it in the soul of man that has trouble admitting we don’t know something or can’t do something? Maybe we got that as a result of the Fall in Eden. Maybe we grow up in a family or culture that trains us as little tykes that “men don’t cry”, or show emotion, or that it is simply not manly to not know where you are, and where you’re going, at all times.

This could be one possible reason – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RBYgEZqrJs

There is something deep in our soul that tells us that we are weak if we don’t know, or can’t do something. We will do almost anything to keep from appearing weak, so we stubbornly press ahead. It is hard for us to ask someone else for help and even harder to let someone else lead us. We resist following. Most of us would much rather be in the lead. Personally, I hate following cars, and especially trucks, on the freeway. I feel like it is my God-given right the get in front where I can see and where I can set the pace. They should change driving laws to allow for that.

A major battle looms in our life every single day when we open our eyes. Who is in charge? Who will I listen to and follow today?

Our “default switch” is automatically re-set to “ME” every morning of our lives. Our natural, selfish, sinful tendency is to live life on our own terms and in our own way. Jesus tells us that real life (the life we really want) is to be experienced to the fullest if we will deliberately switch the default to “OFF” and choose to follow Him.

Living the  Christian life seemed rather simple to Jesus. When asked “how do we do this”, Jesus responded with an easy three-step plan. Deny yourself (default switch), take up your cross (die to your independence/pride), and follow Him. Simple enough. He also said – my sheep hear my voice, and follow me, and – follow me and I will make you fishers of men. A disciple, in Jesus’ day, was a follower. A Christian was to be a Christ-follower.

It’s not about trying to live a better life, or being a good boy. Being a follower of Jesus means exactly that….following. Staying close enough to hear what He is saying, and then choosing to line up behind Him and trust that He is leading you to great and wonderful places. Since we have this propensity to lead out, and a natural aversion not to follow – we deceive ourselves thinking that God wants us to charge ahead, living our life on our terms, and then ask Him to “be with us”, and “bless us” along the way. Somewhere we heard the old lie – “God helps those who help themselves” and so we do our man-thing, and run off through the pasture, all the while hoping the Shepherd will rescue us when we get into trouble.

Who is leading today? Who is following?

We live every hour of every day with either our face toward God or our back. We get to choose.

Real men ask directions…. every day.

Could it be time to pull over and ask?


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  1. Amen. very timely post! encouraging in the fact this is how ive often felt myself! just the other day i couldn’t figure out how to use the fax machine and my pride rose up and i didnt wanna ask anyone for help because i felt as a “man” i should know how to work the fax machine. Thanks again. mad encouraging!

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