A Woman’s View on Women and Sex


Husbands and wives will both benefit from reading some great wifely insights from Kate, of One Flesh Marriage.

If her relationship is suffering, she won’t want or enjoy sex. Her body might, but she won’t.

For women, how we feel about our relationship with our husband, greatly effects whether or not we enjoy the sensations leading up to and during sex. For many husbands, this is not news, but why we are this way, remains a mystery.  When we feel connected and close to our husband, we have the potential to feel sex all over, mind, body and spirit. When we feel distance in our relationship, we can still experience sex, and there is a physical response, but it is just not the same. Many women will struggle to experience sex even on the physical level when their relationship with the husband is strained.

God designed husband and wife to be one flesh. Sex and intimacy is so much more than simply a physical connection. Even though physical is vital (a need in my book, not simply a want) and needs great attention, it is not the only intimacy that needs nurturing. We all know that physical connections can happen without building intimacy on other levels, but there are consequences, one of which is that the intensity of connection will suffer. The four areas of intimacy that we like to point people to are, Spiritual, Emotional, Intellectual and Physical. These are four areas we have identified as contributing the one flesh connection.

Spiritual Intimacy – Sharing your faith together. This could be through worship, bible study, prayer, etc. Having time where the two of you explore all that God has in store for his children as well as looking at God’s plan for marriage through His Word.

Emotional Intimacy – Sharing of your thoughts, dreams, fears, struggles, joys, victories-all of the things you are going through. Having openness and connection through those things allows you as one flesh to experience what your spouse is going through. When we neglect this kind of sharing and understanding, we feel misunderstood and forgotten.

Intellectual Intimacy – Spending time sharing with your spouse what they most enjoy learning in life. We all have the things that we truly enjoy learning about or doing. In some way finding time to share that with your spouse will bring you closer in understanding and sharing their passion, even if it is not a passion of yours. It is saying to them, that you value what they value, which is another piece to being one flesh.

Physical Intimacy – This is the most obvious of the types of intimacy and there is much to be learned where the physical techniques and what feels good is concerned. Yet without nurturing the other three, it can become a purely physical sex.

When you take the time to nurture these different areas of intimacy, you are encouraging a oneness that is not based on physical connection alone. Then when the time comes to share physical intimacy together, your wife will feel better about the overall relationship. She can look back and see how you have done things that interest her, that connect with her emotionally and that share your faith together.

Will working on these other areas of intimacy fix all your sex issues-no! That would be nice though, wouldn’t it? I do believe however that it will encourage a close oneness that will help your overall relationship and therefore affect your sex life as well. Keep loving and serving you wife, putting her needs first and you will find God blessing your obedience. .

Help men understand how and why things like doing the dishes, playing with the kids, and paying the bills on time make sex better for a woman.

Women are multitaskers, we often have a to do list running through our head that includes, but in no way is limited to: a grocery list, a list of social events, a list kids activities, things needed to be done around the house (dinner, dishes, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, laundry, etc), a list of phone calls and emails to return and many other things that sift through our thoughts every day. When it comes time to spend alone time with our hubby we snuggle up and make time for sex but those lists are still filtering, dashing, scurrying, scampering through our heads, at an alarming rate. Shutting off the list and thoughts of what needs to get done is, well . . . crazy hard. Some might say near impossible. For me, the longer and more extensive the list, the harder it is to let go and get in the “mood.” Sadly I believe for many, as the list gets longer, the idea of and motivation for sex moves further and further down on the list.

When my hubby comes home from his long day of work, I know that many times he would really like to sit and relax. For many years we did just that. He would be tired from work and veg out, usually in front of the TV or computer. I would continue on with my lists and eventually fall into bed with no interest in anything but sleep. Somewhere over the years, God opened our eyes to the fact that if we served one another first and thought about ourselves second, we both felt the love and help of the other. My hubby started coming home and asking what he could do to help get things crossed of my list so that I could relax after the kids went to bed. Sometimes I would let him do what I was doing and I would go and play with the kids. Other times when he asked, I would ask him to keep the kids occupied for a bit while I finished up. When my hubby took the time to put my needs first instead of just relaxing, he found that I was much more energetic and ready to spend time making sex a priority after the kids were in bed.

As we all know it is a two way street, as I began to make sex a priority there were times I had to tell myself that certain things on my list could and would have to wait. I was putting my hubby’s and our marriage’s needs above that of my own desire to get all the things checked off of my list.

Wives, I believe God has designed us with the amazing ability to keep many things running in our brains at one time. Husbands, you helping to check a few things off the list, or to take the kids so your wife can get some things done uninterrupted, is an immense help and frees our minds up to think sex! Not only does it allow us to think about sex and time alone with our husband, it also encourages better sex. How you might ask? When we are not feeling stressed and bogged down by the entire list running through our heads – our mind, emotions, and body have a better chance to respond to the pleasures sex brings. For many women “getting in the mood” means shutting off all that is going on in our brain. If you help to shut some of that off for her then she can get into the mood and enjoy the experience. The best way to see if this is true is to give it a try. Not just once, but often! See if helping your wife to get things done or off her list, encourages intimacy together. Pray as you are helping, that you would have eyes to see and ears to hear what your wife needs. You will be helping your wife to potentially enjoy time alone with you so much more!


Reading about it is good……Doing it is better…..


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3 thoughts on “A Woman’s View on Women and Sex

  1. Hi
    Great post and yes I pulled a thought or two from it.
    Unfortunately, I have done all said things – I do my decent share at home after coming home from work. I bath the kids, clean up, do whatever needs to be done, and it STILL hasn’t changed my wife’s attitude toward sex. And this has been going on for years, literally. The whole “sex begins in the kitchen” statement which even my wife has quoted, is sadly, a least in my marriage, a myth. If helping my wife around the house translated into more sexual intimacy, I wouldn’t be here complaining and upset, would I?

  2. Kwala,

    You are SO RIGHT and it could so easily change if our spouse didn’t have tunnel vision and actually
    thought outside of their little selfish world.
    It’s one thing to get things done around the house (been doing it all my life) and quite another to MAKE TIME FOR THINGS THAT REALLY MATTER!
    Not to disrespect this article but it’s extremely limited. REally now… fall into bed? If you are a housewife then you really need to arrange your schedule if you’re falling into bed every night. I watch my wife screw around MOST OF THE DAY EVERYDAY then habitually feed me the excuse that she’s just too exhausted. From what?! Sitting on facebook?! SELFISHNESS! I could on and on. I’ve worked my butt off for years and years most of the time with two jobs. Why am I still married?!

  3. Ok…I can since the level of frustration with you both. Have had a lot in my marriage as well- actually in counseling now.

    Obviously just doing housework isn’t going to be the magic cure all all of the time. It should be more about serving and ministering to your wife and getting your own spiritual life in order.

    I didn’t get a break through until I took Christs view of being a servant and praying throughout the day for my wife. If you consistently do this for an extended period of time, I’m confident that your spouse will respond.

    Im afraid if you don’t, your going to miss an incredible blessing and may continue to subject yourself to growing pain in the process. Worst case scenario is an affair and/or divorce. I’ve been through divorce and had an affair(s) with my first wife- wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

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