Remember adventure? As a young boy my life was filled with daily adventures. Walking home from school, riding bikes with friends, chasing little girls. Back in the day, we even played war, and threw rocks at other boys, and had bb gun wars (not recommended). We caught snakes, captured tarantulas in paper cups for mom to see, and waded in creeks without caring at all whether my clothes got wet. I miss adventure.

God created us (especially men) for adventure. When Adam & Eve walked with God everyday in the Garden, He had already formed Mt. Everest, the Amazon, the oceans, rivers, mountain ranges, the Grand Canyon, and all the spectacular, adventure-laden “playground” for man to discover. Something deep within us craves adventure of some sort. It may be discovering how to build a website, or learn to fly fish. Your heart may leap at the idea of a “roadtrip”, or campout. Think about the things that rev up your heart and rekindle that sense of adventure in your soul.

Marriage is the biggest adventure of all. And adventure creates companionship in marriage. Do you remember the last adventure you had together? God knows we have adventure stored up in our heart. He also knows our wife is our primary helper, companion, friend and lover in this life. So, it makes sense that He would want us to dream together, explore together, and experience life’s adventures – together.

What are you and your wife dreaming about – together? What is on your wish list of things you would like to do? What ministry or mission is He calling you to – together?

Our modern church culture has unwittingly set ministries up for men and women to do – apart. Mens meetings, studies, retreats, groups, etc. And women’s Bible studies, retreats, groups, etc. Nothing wrong with all of those – but don’t neglect the most important mission of all – togetherness. We are in this thing (marriage/life) together.

God has brought you and your wife together, for a reason, for a mission. Don’t settle for “a happy home”, or “good kids”, or “a comfortable retirement” as your goal – they are good goals – but are too small. God brought you together to accomplish His purposes. We need to ask Him what those are, and follow Him into them. He will show us if we ask.

God is a God of adventure. Finding a shared adventure (mission/vision) is essential in building a vibrant, fulfilling marriage.

Dream big. Have fun.


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  1. Rob, I agree! Our adventurous God intended adventure to be part of our lives and relationships. And shared adventures build connection and provide great memories to enjoy for years to come. I expect most married couples would benefit from more adventure in their lives.

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