Husbands – Are You All In?

Columbus discovered the Caribbean Coast in 1492 under the patronage of Queen Isabella of Spain. By 1511, Cuba was discovered and conquered. In 1517, the first expedition sailing from Cuba touched the Yucatan Peninsula on the American Continent.

The local Mayan Indians who indulged in devil worship and human sacrifices attacked The Spaniards. A second expedition in 1518 landed further north at Vera Cruz in the Gulf of Mexico and met with a less hostile reception from the native Indians who were allies of the Aztecs.

A third expedition was led by Hernan Cortez, 33yrs old, tall and strong, a devout catholic, who had a deep devotion the Blessed Virgin Mary, (he prayed the ‘Little office’ every morning) and attended mass every day.
He was known for his courage, his patience and reluctance to swear or curse. Cortez proudly wore a medal of Our Lady on a chain of gold around his neck and led his forces under the banner of the Royal Arms of Spain
emblazoned with the words “Brothers and companions, let us follow the sign of the cross with true faith and in it, we shall conquer!”

In February 1519, he landed a force comprising 508 soldiers, 100 sailors and 16 horses, all in 11 ships on the coast of Mexico. In his first conflict, on March 25th, Cortez led his men against 150,000 Indians. 70 Spanish soldiers were wounded, 220 Indians were killed.

On Good Friday, Cortez landed at Vera Cruz. In memory of the crucifixion, the bearded Cortez wore black. The year was 1519! Montezuma, King of the Aztecs, had sent his ambassador to greet Cortez. The impressive armada of ships, the sight of horses and large dogs, cannons and armor and especially the fair haired Cortez dressed in black was enough to convince Montezuma that Quetzalcoatl had returned!!!
When the ambassador reported of the Spaniards’ determination to Christianize the Aztec nation, Montezuma ordered that all the provincial nations who were allies of the Aztecs, avoid contact with the ‘invaders.’ Cempoala, a province a short distance north of Vera Cruz, decided to support Cortez, because of their dislike of the Aztecs.

Cortez built a fort near it’s capital. When it was finished, he left 130 men there as a garrison. Cortez then proceeded to burn 9 of the10 ships that were left in order to demonstrate his determination to conquer Mexico-there was no retreat!

“We no longer have ships in which to return… we must depend upon our stout hearts and strong blows… with the help of Our Lord Jesus Christ we can expect no other help than His.”

Have we burned our ships? Are we all in, when it comes to our marriage. “For better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and health, as long as we both shall live”? We promised,

We need to make sure we don’t have an “escape plan” in our subconscious just in case “this doesn’t work out”. Our 100% commitment, regardless of what comes our way, will provide a strong foundation upon which to build a rock solid, God glorifying marriage.

P.S. – Make sure your wife knows that you are committed to her “no matter what”. As we have said before, she continually needs to know you love her and that your marriage is secure. Knowing you have no escape route will give her renewed confidence and security in your love.

Let her know you are ALL IN. While you’re at it – let everyone else know too….. go to http:/// and “like” this new Community.


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4 thoughts on “Husbands – Are You All In?

  1. great post huz
    it’s my 25th ann today and tam and i are in san fran celebrating…i’ve been formulating a letter-tribute to her titled “all in, all again”…so cool how God and other minds sync up
    great work here bro
    keep it up!

  2. My wife and I have been together for many years and it is still special each time I arrive home after work. It is important to take the time to share things together from the start of a relationship and build a strong relationship where both of you know the good and bad about each other. Many people try to hide the bad habits one has only for them to come out later in a relationship and sink it. The phrase, “For better or worse”, really applies more than people want to acknowledge. I’ve seen friends get into relationships with the attitude that they can bail at any moment. This is why it is called “dating” and not marriage. Marriage is an “All In” deal. Everyone should know that it takes time and work to make a relationship last. Society has become a recycled world where things are tossed away when the next big thing comes along Relationships should not be handled this way but many are because it is convenient to one of the spouses. Marriage counseling should be a requirement BEFORE people get married so they know how to handle the rough times that will come up. It all comes down to whether you are willing to spend the rest of your life with one person and take care of them as they age, get sick or injured. Do you love spending time with them that it would never occur to you to leave this person? If you can make that commitment, you are “All In”.

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