Are We There Yet?

Adam had the awesome responsibility and pleasure of partnering with God as the caretaker, steward, manager, and husband of God’s Garden of Delight. Every day he talked with God, walked with God, and was the beneficiary of God’s personal attention, love, encouragement, and wisdom. How cool would that have been?

Think about it—God is so wise, so sovereign, so loving that he knew what was up the road for Adam. He knew that Adam would have a wife, a special woman, who would need someone to “husband” her also. So, instead of making Adam a cowboy, fisherman, or carpenter, he trained him, in advance, to be a skilled steward and caretaker—a husband.

God knew that the woman he created would have unique needs, and he knew that Adam (with God’s help) would be able to fill those needs. What a wonderful God!

God has wired men with God-given husbanding skills. He has also designed our wives to be so amazingly complex that we must seek God’s help to access those skills. He never intended for marriage to be lived apart from his presence, involvement and oversight. Without his personal involvement we are left to our own wisdom, ideas and best-guess efforts to make marriage work. And, if you’re like me – that typically doesn’t work out very well.

We are wired to be husbands. God supplies all the resources we need to do our job well. We can’t, however, do that job without him.

So, how much time do we spend asking, seeking and knocking? Do we really want to be awesome husbands? Are we willing to pay the price? Sadly, many men I meet with really want to have a great marriage and want to be a good husband for their wives – but, at the end of the day, simply aren’t willing to devote the time and energy it takes.

Don’t settle for second best. Don’t settle for average.

Like Jesus, we must get to the place where we are willing to lay down our life for our bride. He was desperate for God’s daily presence.

Are we?


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