Because I Love You

        So – it’s mid-summer. Have you done anything spontaneously loving and nice for your wife this summer? Anniversary or birthday doesn’t count.

Have you surprised her with flowers, or a surprise gift or card or SOMETHING that shouts “I Love You” to her? Does she feel like the most important person in your life – today?

What a wonderful way to let your helper, partner, lover, best friend know how important she is to you. One of her most crucial needs is to know just that. That she is valuable, needed, necessary – and that she is doing a good job.

We ALL need to know those things don’t we? If the kids are home for summer – she is in even more need of some encouragement. If you don’t have the money, just write her a handwritten note. Do something that shows her you are thinking about her, and that you really appreciate who she is as a person (not just what she does for you).

Send her an email. Write a sappy note and put it under her pillow. Get a babysitter and go out this weekend – simple is good. Cook hotdogs at a park – do something together – just the two of you. OR, tell her to take Saturday off – and go out with a girlfriend – or just have some time for herself – and you will take the kids – ALL DAY. What a man!!!! Honestly – think of your wife’s “love language”, and DO something to love her well. Ask God to show you if you don’t already have an idea.

Real Men…………..  “love their wife “as Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her”

Do something. Be pro-active. Don’t put it off. Don’t wait until she has done something nice for you and for heaven’s sake, don’t do it expecting sex in return….. not good.

Have fun,