Can You Hear Them?

We hear them almost every day. Lies. Falsehoods. Untruths.

They seem to sneak in like uninvited guests, and try to get our attention. Moreover, they try to get us to agree with them. You may have heard some of them before:

‘No one will ever know”

“She just doesn’t get it”

“I wish my wife was more like….”

“Viewing a little pornography won’t hurt anything”

“I can’t live like this. I need someone who will make me happy”

“Things will never change”

“I’m such a failure”

Yes, we have all heard them….and thousands more like them. Our enemy is a relentless liar, accuser and deceiver. If he can get you to agree with one of his lies, he can get you to question things, excuse things, rationalize things and act on things – that you shouldn’t. This is exactly what happened to Eve. She looked, she listen, she pondered and then agreed with what he said. She eventually acted on her agreement and ate the forbidden fruit.

We are no different. None of us is too strong. None of us is exempt. Mightier men have fallen to the schemes of our enemy. Proverbs warns us – “ABOVE ALL ELSE, guard your heart”. Above ALL else is a pretty strong phrase. This must be pretty important. A warning from God to each of us. Peter also reminds us to “Be alert”, because we have a deadly enemy prowling about.

If we are to lead victorious lives; successfully lead our wives and children and leave a lasting legacy that glorifies our God – we must stay alert. Every day, throughout the day, we must guard our heart (mind) from the lies and schemes of our enemy. We must acknowledge that we are each capable of falling, and are therefore desperate for a close walk with the Shepherd. Only by His side are we safe.

Isolation will kill you. Seriously, God Himself spoke that “it is not good for man to be alone” If He said it – it is true. Don’t walk through this war zone alone. Stay close to Him and close to your fellow warriors. We need each other.

Success? We can’t stop the thoughts from coming. What we can do is “demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ“.(I Cor. 10:5). We must not ever agree with the lies spoken to us by our foe. Keep your mind in God’s Word and know the truth. That truth WILL make us free, and allow us to live life as He intended – abundantly.

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