What if…….

I heard a provocative question the other day that I wanted to throw out to the husband gang…..

If you didn’t have to worry about making a living, what would you most like to do for the rest of your life?

If a long lost relative left you a trust fund that paid you what you’re making now (okay, maybe a little more) every month for the rest of your lifetime – what would you most like to do with your life?

I was honestly disappointed at how fast my mind fast-forwarded to so many selfish, self-gratifying things. Sorry to admit, but my first thoughts were of me, and what I would like, and what I would buy, and what I would do with all that time off. Would I take the time and do nothing? Would I veg out? Would I keep my job and have extra money to spend on fun toys for me?

After slapping myself around for a bit, I tried to hear from God. I tried to dream about what He would have me do for the rest of my days. What would make my life special – really count for something? If I didn’t have to go in to the office – where would I go? What would He want me to do?

Let’s include your wife’s income also – so neither of you has to work any more…….. What would you do with the rest of your life?

(If no one comments, I guess it wasn’t that provocative after all.)


What’s Your GPS?

As a husband, telling me to “love my wife” sometimes comes across like directions to a house in the country: “Take a left at the big rock, go for a while, and take another left at the tree with the giant bump on the limb.” It’s just too vague. That’s what’s nice about having a GPS; it’s a map that clearly reveals how to reach my destination.
When it comes to loving my wife, I’ve made it a habit to carry a marriage “GPS” in my wallet. It’s written on a piece of paper and shows me the way to my wife’s heart. I ask her to share with me three things I can do that make her feel loved. Instead of guessing what makes her feel loved, I seek out what actions I can take that will truly bless her. Sure, the first time I asked her, it was pretty scary. I was giving her a blank check and agreeing to perform whatever she asked. However, because I desire to love and serve her, I want to do whatever it takes to treasure her.
I recently asked my wife again to give me her Top Three list. Below are the ways I’m going to love her:
1) Hold her hand in public
2) Vacuum the carpet every week
3) Occasionally tell her that she is beautiful
Over the next couple months, I’m going to work hard to love my wife in these ways. And it sure is a great feeling to know specific actions I can take to show her my love rather than guessing the way to her heart.