Don’t Go Near Her Door

From beneath the poopy diapers, I could hear the siren’s seductive words luring me. I was standing in the dark, a few feet from the trash bin, and her voice was hard to ignore.

Earlier in the week, I’d told my wife that the annual Sports Illustrated no-swimsuits issue would arrive soon, and I asked her to toss it in the trash. She did. But now it was early in the morning, and I was on my way to work; and the magazine was within reach.

The world looks and sounds different in the dark. In the silence, I could hear the hot babe’s voice whispering, “I’m wearing this for you. Oops, I untied my bikini top. Come take a quick look. You’ll like what you see.”

My flesh gave me a high-five and reminded me that it ain’t all fun being a straight-laced Christian boy scout.  I could feel my heart, mind and body double-dog daring me to open the trash can lid and swipe the glossy cover. I wanted to look at a naked hip, a little cleavage, and wet, glistening skin. King Solomon knew this siren’s voice all to well, too: “For the lips of an adulteress drip honey, and her speech is smoother than oil.” – Proverbs 5:3

Was I seriously considering reaching my hand past snotty tissues, decaying diapers, and last night’s leftovers to sneak a peek at the issue? Yes. Because it was in the dark and no one was watching. And I am weak.

Over the past few months, I’ve been trying to memorize Scripture for moments like these–moments where I can feel my flesh trying to drop-kick my spirit. One of the most powerful passages that is helping me comes from the rest of King Solomon’s words:  “But in the end she is bitter as gall, sharp as a double-edged sword. Her feet go down to death, her steps lead straight to the grave. She gives no thought to the way of life; her paths are crooked, but she knows it not… Keep a path far from her, do not go near the door of her house.”  – Proverbs 5:4-6, 8

What happens to men who go down the street near her corner? Solomon continues in chapter 7: “With persuasive words she led him astray; she seduced him with her small talk. All at once he followed her like an ox going to the slaughter.”

The world knows how to make women look sexy and enticing. They’re pro’s when it comes to a little airbrushing, a flash of skin, and a sultry look. That’s why it’s so important to keep a path far from the her and avoid opening the door to temptation. For me, that means staying away from the following doors: Do not go near the sexy magazine with its perfect models. Do not go near the radio station where Lady Gaga sings about taking a ride on my disco stick. Do not go near cable TV when my wife is out. Do not go near the Web and surf without purpose. Do not go near movies that flaunt nudity. Do not go near the door of her house.

Temptation is most powerful when I’m not ready to swing the Sword of the Spirit, and there are too many moments when the world encourages me to drink from the pig’s trough rather than clean running water from my wife’s well.
On this morning, I recited Proverbs 5 over and over again in my mind. And as I drove away with the trashy magazine still in the trash, I could hear the siren’s voice with greater clarity. No longer a sultry song, it had morphed into the macabre hiss of the defeated snake’s forked tongue.

Guest husband post by Jon

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5 thoughts on “Don’t Go Near Her Door

  1. Hard hitting, accurate portrayal of this enticement all of us men experience. I felt it said everything we think and need to think when in this situation.

    Thanks for being honest about this, writing it, and putting it out there.

  2. As a woman I appreciate this more than you’ll ever know! Thank you for posting this, and please keep memorizing scripture and emboldening you’re heart and soul with God’s word!

  3. Yep – I’m posting anonymously. Good post, that man.

    I am no longer surprised at how weak I am, especially when left alone. I am pleasantly surprised when I am kept safe – and that is because have paid enough attention to the armor of God to polish it and to put it on.

    “Don’t go near her door.” is great advice. We are easily tempted. BEST TO AVOID TEMPTATION.

    I’m reminded of Mr Toad in ‘The Wind In The Willows’. Badger has just upbraided him in private, and Toad is remorseful and repentant – he promises never to terrorize the neighborhood in a car.

    Then this happens…

    ‘Sit down there, Toad,’ said the Badger kindly, pointing to a chair. ‘My friends,’ he went on, ‘I am pleased to inform you that Toad has at last seen the error of his ways. He is truly sorry for his misguided conduct in the past, and he has undertaken to give up motor-cars entirely and for ever. I have his solemn promise to that effect.’

    ‘That is very good news,’ said the Mole gravely.

    ‘Very good news indeed,’ observed the Rat dubiously, ‘if only—IF only——’

    He was looking very hard at Toad as he said this, and could not help thinking he perceived something vaguely resembling a twinkle in that animal’s still sorrowful eye.

    ‘There’s only one thing more to be done,’ continued the gratified Badger. ‘Toad, I want you solemnly to repeat, before your friends here, what you fully admitted to me in the smoking-room just now. First, you are sorry for what you’ve done, and you see the folly of it all?’

    There was a long, long pause. Toad looked desperately this way and that, while the other animals waited in grave silence. At last he spoke.

    ‘No!’ he said, a little sullenly, but stoutly; ‘I’m NOT sorry. And it wasn’t folly at all! It was simply glorious!’

    ‘What?’ cried the Badger, greatly scandalised. ‘You backsliding animal, didn’t you tell me just now, in there——’

    ‘Oh, yes, yes, in THERE,’ said Toad impatiently. ‘I’d have said anything in THERE. You’re so eloquent, dear Badger, and so moving, and so convincing, and put all your points so frightfully well—you can do what you like with me in THERE, and you know it. But I’ve been searching my mind since, and going over things in it, and I find that I’m not a bit sorry or repentant really, so it’s no earthly good saying I am; now, is it?’

    ‘Then you don’t promise,’ said the Badger, ‘never to touch a motor-car again?’

    ‘Certainly not!’ replied Toad emphatically. ‘On the contrary, I faithfully promise that the very first motor-car I see, poop-poop! off I go in it!’

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