Early is a great time of day. Fish usually bite better early in the morning. Duck and deer hunters are typically more successful early.

Marathons and bike races are most often held early in the day.

Not surprisingly, the Bible says a lot about the benefits of early morning also. Many great men of God rose “early” to accomplish the tasks God had given them (Abraham, Moses, Joshua, etc.).

The Gospels tell us that Jesus rose “a great while before day” to go to a quiet place to pray – Mark 1). Jesus prayed all night long when given the awesome responsibility to choose his disciples. He desperately needed his Father’s wisdom and direction.

Mary went to the tomb “early in the morning”, and Christ appeared to her there. Luke and John tell us that people would come to the temple “early in the morning” to hear Jesus teach in the temple. It is very obvious that Jesus was an early riser. He knew he had a monumental job to do, and precious little time in which to do it. He also knew he could do “nothing on his own, but only what the Father told him to do”. He was desperate to hear from God about what he was to do in every situation.  Jesus was a very busy guy. Some days, an entire town came out to hear him preach, or came to get healed by his touch. He had to have grown weary. Surely he deserved to take some time off?

But he knew he had a job to do. He also knew he could not do that job without the continual help, advice, wisdom, leading, and power that only comes through fellowship with the Father. So….he got up early….and prayed.

What about you and me? Too busy to pray? Too tired in the mornings? Not a morning person?Not desperate enough?

What is our justification for not seeking the Source of all wisdom, power, grace, healing, blessing, patience and love? What really keeps us from bounding out of bed “early in the morning” to seek His face and bask in His wonderful presence? What are we missing out on?

There is no God like our God.

There is no time like “early”.

He is there. Waiting. Listening. Ready to fellowship with us. Ready to bless our socks off. Eager to speak to us, comfort us and lead us.

Make it a goal to hang out with your heavenly Father for 30 minutes (or longer) early one morning……and soon.

Enjoying Him early this morning,