Football Season

Finally! It’s time for Fall weather (hopefully) and football. College football season is a highlight of many a man’s year. Weather getting cool, tailgating with friends and hoping your team finally has a great season – does it get better than this?

Football season, whether you’re watching high school, college or professional, has a way of launching us out of the hot, humid doldrums of late summer, and bringing some excitement back into our souls. Yes, we made it through another long summer and now the fun of Fall is upon us. The sneaky thing  is – all this fun can also bring unwanted stress and stain on our marriage.

Most likely, your wife is not quite the rabid football fan that you are. If she is – then hold her close and cheer loudly together – enjoy the gift. If not, and many are not, she may begin to resent all the time you spend in front of the TV, or “fooling around” with your fantasy football team or even going to games with friends. Many husbands begin to slip away from their deliberateness as a husband, and get caught up in the excitement of the season. More time away from focusing on her means more time focused on what we want to do – and that gravitational pull back to a “me-focused” life can get dangerous.

Your wife senses this pulling away, and begins to feel like #2, or #3, or worse on your priority list.

Another thing she is painfully aware of is – Football season gives way to hunting season, which dovetails into basketball season, followed closely by another baseball season. If you’re a fisherman, then oh well – your season just stays around.

So – the main point of this ramble is – be careful. The Word admonishes us – “above all else, guard your heart”. Did you catch that? “Above all else”. That’s a very big statement. God must think that is pretty important. Guard your heart against any scheme of our enemy to drive a wedge between you and God, and you and your wife.

I hope your team wins it all this season, and I hope you and your wife get to get out and enjoy it to the max. Just beware that your heart and your priorities as a husband don’t get put on the shelf until the bowl games are over. We do have an enemy, and he will use anything, even football, to invade our marriage.

Go Hogs!