We are Created to “Husband”


Before God created Eve, He placed Adam in a fabulous Garden environment, and told him to “work” it. Other words translated “work” are “tend, “care for” and “husband”. God placed Adam in a working/learning laboratory in order to train him how to be a good gardener, or “husbandman” – before he was ready to husband a wife.

Each day Adam would inspect the lush Garden plants and determine whether they needed water, food, pruning, etc. in order to make them grow to their full capacity and produce an abundance of fruit. Cool thing is – God was right there with him every day, instructing, training, and I’m sure – encouraging. What a great place to work! Doing what God created him to do – and partnering with God in every detail of it.

As a husband, you already know where this is going….

God created each of us to be a husband, and to be the husband of one particular and peculiar creature – our wife. He hand-crafted each of our wives specifically for each of us. No other woman on this planet will do. This is the “garden” He has deliberately placed us in. This woman is the “garden” we are to husband. Our primary goal in life (after our intimate walk with Him) is to “please our wife” (I Cor. 7:33). We are also exhorted by God to be “devoted to her” and to “honor her above ourself”, according to Romans 12.

God has placed you in your wife’s life as her one and only caretaker and husband. No gardener/husbandman would allow damaging weeds or harmful pests into his garden; or neglect to give his garden precious food and water.  He would be extremely careful not to damage any growing fruit and to be kind and gentle in the way he handles it.

I am sad to admit that I have often neglected the precious garden He has placed in my care. I have made her go without nourishment from me. I have allowed the weeds of the world and harmful “pests” into our environment. Sadly – I have often mishandled what God was growing in her life, with harmful words, neglect or harshness.

Men – we have been giving a calling. We have been chosen by God (just like Adam) to be married to His chosen woman. And, we have been called, and commanded, to love her as “He loves His bride, the church”. I want to simply remind you that God’s plan is SO much bigger than “what’s for dinner”, or “what are we going to do this weekend”. We are on a holy mission. We are called to be “husbands” – to tend, to love, to care for, to be devoted to —– “this woman you gave me”.

I want to encourage you to stay close, every day, to the Master gardener, teacher and friend, Who will train us, guide us, encourage and love us along the way. Let’s pay closer attention to our wife’s needs, fears, and dreams. Let’s get our hands dirty being the husbands we were created to be.


For His glory,