Welcome Fellow “Hus-bands” !

Take off your jacket. Loosen your tie. Slip into your jeans. Grab some coffee – and let’s talk about being husbands. It’s hard. It’s impossible at times. Who else are we gonna we talk to? You know- we just stuff it, and go on. Hoping it will get better.

So – let’s talk about it. As much as we hate to talk about our feelings, hurts, disappointments, fears, etc. – WE ALL HAVE THEM. So man-up, and let’s all learn from each other how to be the best at this husband thing. Thanks for joining in.

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One thought on “Welcome Fellow “Hus-bands” !

  1. I’ll be checking in on you from time to time to see what’s on the hearts and minds of husbands. Your input as a Christian husband of 35 years is greatly needed.

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