Honey, We Need to Text

Couple lying on the bed and smiling

Her – what you said last night really hurt my feelings

Him – ORLY

Her – RLY

Him – SRY

Her – THX

Him – UOK


Him – GR8, ZUP4DNR



Her – CUL8R

Him – GR8, D46?


If you understand that “conversation”, I will assume you are under 35. If you think that texting those symbols is actually communication, I will guess you are under 25-28.

I was in a car this week with a close friend age 30, who was telling me a story of a conversation (verbal) with a younger man that kept using words like “texting”, “talked with my wife”, and “discussed” in the same context. He finally asked the young man if he was equating “talking” and “discussing” with texting – and without hesitating he answered “yes”.

OMG. There is an entire generation growing up actually thinking that by texting, messaging, tweeting and emailing that are entering into a conversation with each other. There is so very much to write about this, I can hardly control myself – but, for the sake of brevity I will refrain.

We (older folks) need to make sure our kids and grandkids learn the dying art of sitting face to face with another human being, looking them in the eyes, and verbally engaging them in what has been known heretofore as conversation. They need to learn to listen for emotion (hurt, anger, anxiety, fear, etc.), to pick up on body language, tone and inflection. Adding silly faces and capital letters to a text message will never replace actually seeing another’s face and hearing their tone when they speak to you.

Maybe we should be more deliberate about taking time to engage more young people in actual conversation so they will learn what it is, and why it is important.

Yes, my wife and I text each other to convey thoughts and give information on a regular basis. But, our marriage would not have lasting this long, or been this fulfilling if that was our major avenue of communication. Our simple rule of thumb?

Spend more time talking together, face to face every day than any other form of communication.

Don’t let verbal dialogue die. Join the movement.