The Effective Prayer of a Righteous Man

If you ever get stuck when you try to pray – try following the crafted prayer that follows to keep you on target, and keep you from drifting off into routine or selfish type prayers, or just drifting into praying quick and easy prayers, like “bless me today”. I pray this crafted (or scripted) prayer will help you and help change your paradigm of praying for yourself and your marriage. Print it out and keep it with you.



Crafted Prayer for Men

Open My Eyes

  • Lord, help me see You as a person and not a collection of success principles to follow.
  • Please give me a fresh glimpse today of Your passionate, unconditional love for me.
  • Help me sense Your presence with me throughout the day.
  • Would You become increasingly real and personal to me today?
  • Would you expand my vision of what is really possible in my relationship with You?
  • Help me see that life is really about hearing Your voice, and following You.

Search My Heart

  • Transform my cold heart and renew a passion for intimacy with You
  • Cleanse me of everything that keeps me from You.
  • Do a deep work in me to expose and root out all rebellion, unbelief and selfishness.
  • Forgive my stubborn independence, self focus and reliance, and prayerlessness.
  • Give me the desire and strength to overcome these sins in my life.
  • Please refine me and make me the man, husband, father and follower You want me to be.

Lord, Forgive Me

  • For not believing that You really love me, and are passionately wanting to lead me.
  • For rejecting Your authority in my life and choosing to run my life, my way.
  • For thinking of You as the servant of my agenda and not embracing You as my Lord.
  • For doubting that You are able to lead my life and provide for my ultimate fulfillment.
  • For making so many decisions without seeking what You want for me and my family.
  • For neglecting Your Holy Spirit and being afraid of Your presence and leadership.

Change My Focus

  • Help me to finally see that life is all about You and not about me and my agenda.
  • Help me take my focus off religious activity and fix my heart on walking with You.
  • Help me desire to know the God of the Bible, and not just the Bible itself.
  • Would you take the scales from my eyes and help me to see you in the events of my day?
  • Would you destroy every lie I have believed in doubting Your love, power and wisdom.
  • I choose to come under Your authority and leadership in my life. Help me do this.

Lord, Would You

  • Transform my heart today, and help me see that I am a sheep dependent on You.
  • Give me a passion to invite you to every event, meeting and conversation today.
  • Help me seek Your direction for decisions, and Your wisdom at home and work.
  • Help me seek Your will as to how I should invest my day and my evening.
  • Fill me with a new passion to meet with You each morning and throughout each day.
  • Help me see other people through your eyes and grasp Your love for them.
  • Help me have breakthroughs in my walk with You today.
  • Protect me from believing any lies of the enemy that make me doubt Your love for me.
  • Teach me to pray with authority and confidence and listen to Your voice today.
  • Give me grace today to set my mind on things of the Spirit and not my selfish desires.

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5 thoughts on “The Effective Prayer of a Righteous Man

  1. You mention ‘change her’ prayers. One prayer I pray often, especially in the middle of a disagreement with my wife, is “Lord, change her where she needs to be changed – but also change me where I need to be changed.” Takes the direction of the change out of my hands and puts it in God’s; also focuses my vision less on her and more on me being a better husband. I can’t tell you how many times God has changed my mind about something after I’ve prayed this.

  2. Sometimes she does need to be changed. When she’s in sin, like an affair. When my ex-wife left, I prayed that I would be changed such that I was more attractive than the sin she was choosing.

    Obviously not an effective prayer.

    Sometimes, you really need to pray for God to change her. Not that she’s the only one needing change. But sometimes, her change is critical to the success of the marriage. If it doesn’t happen, she’ll get the divorce she wants, she’ll take the kids from you, and follow her lover into who knows what.

  3. I agree with John that we do not have the means to change anyone. We can only put our fait in the Lord to change what he sees needs to be changed. My wife and I believe that things happen for a reason which we do not always understand at that moment. My heart goes out to you Tony but you will be taken care of in the long run. Those who live in sin might seem to us that they are “winning” at the moment but it all crumbles around them in the end. Tony, you will be a stronger and wiser person by going through this tough time.

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