Husband in Training

Do you have a husband in training at your house? You might even have a wife in training. If you have a child of either sex still at home – he or she is in training 24/7/365.

Where is he going to learn how to be a world-class husband? Where is he going to learn to follow Jesus, and make Him the primary relationship in his life?

There are a few options I suppose. We can cross our fingers and hope he learns something positive from us, and somehow forgets the negative. We can assume the church will come to the rescue and somehow instill some great husbandly values in him. Possibly a Christian relative or coach will become an important role model in his life.

Deep down though, we really know the buck stops with us. God holds us responsible for bringing him up “in the way that he should go“. You (and I) will one day have to give an account to God about how well we did, or didn’t do, the job. Will we do it perfectly? Never.

But are we deliberately working each and every day to model for our son (or daughter) what a Christ-follower looks like, and how a devoted, self-sacrificing husband loves his wife as Christ loves the church? Will he learn from us how to make his future wife his #1 earthly priority, and how to live with her in an understanding way?

All parents know that their children are sponges. They soak in everything – good and bad. We also know that they won’t magically forget the bad and just hold on to that part which was good. Yes, God is amazingly gracious as we fumble through raising our children, but we need to be acutely aware that their years at home with us are THE years we are given to make the most impact on their lives, their marriages and the lives of their children after them. These years are critical dads. And, as we are painfully aware, they go by with lightning speed.

Let’s take full advantage of the years our children are still at home. Become a more deliberate follower, and husband. Let him learn from watching us what a great husband looks like, and how he is to treat his future bride. Let her see in us what kind of man she wants in a future husband.

Did you know it has been less than 6 generations since our country was founded? If we have children still at home, we have an amazing opportunity to greatly impact the generations that will follow us. Will we make the choice to live in such a way as to impact them for the glory of God, or will we shrink back, be passively self-absorbed, and let our heritage fend for themselves? How do we want to be remembered? What impact do we want to make with our lives?

Zig Ziglar  –  Every choice you make has an end result.