Is God a Homophobe?

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What was God thinking? After creating man (Adam) and placing Him in the Garden of Eden to tend and keep it, it became blatantly obvious that man was lonely and unfulfilled. He brought millions of newly-created animals to Adam to see what he would name them, and after a significant length of time God put into place His master plan, His crowning achievement. (I think God allowed so much time to go by before creating a “helper” for Adam so that Adam would truly appreciate what God provided, and treat this creation with the utmost love, honor and respect. So finally, God begins to unveil His plan).

He puts Adam to sleep and extracts a rib from his side. At this point He has a decision to make. He has just spoken into being a multitude of galaxies, billions of stars, planets, Earth, animals, light and darkness, oceans, mountains, etc. – and now comes the moment of truth.

The ultimate Creator had the opportunity to create anything or anyone He wished as the perfect compliment/helper for man. The Bible uses the word “suitable” to describe this perfect match, this “other half” that would be able to meet man’s needs and become the perfect companion, lover and friend.

So, from the mind of God, came the answer. A woman.

Why not another man? Why not a decked out Ford F-150 pickup, or a shiny new sportscar? What about a world-class golf course, or a hunting cub with all the latest equipment? Why not two women, or three?

The obvious answer is that the Creator God knew that only one thing, one creation would be capable of truly fulfilling man’s needs and becoming his fulfilling companion for a lifetime. He chose to create a woman.

All other created animals were created to have a male and female counterpart. Nothing that was created was designed to have a counterpart of the same gender. Did God make a mistake? Was He homophobic?

As the Creator, does God get to decide what is “normal”, or do we ? If we choose not to believe in God, or His creation and plan for humanity, then absolutely – we get to choose whatever lifestyle we want. We should be able to marry whomever we choose, or even multiple people, underage people, or non-people. Without a moral compass, we are in charge and whatever we want should rule the day – and become the newest “normal”. Devoid of any moral absolutes, our existing laws, constitution and society itself will be redefined – because they were indeed founded on the belief in God and in His desire/design for mankind.

The prevailing conflict in our culture today is not really about who gets to decide what is “normal” or how to define or redefine “marriage”  – but whether or not God exists and whether He created mankind in the first place. If God exists, then our decision is whether to obey Him or go our own independent way in life. If He exists and the Bible is His blueprint for living, then we already have our answers regarding “normal” and “marriage”.  If He does not exist, then we get to decide for ourselves.

Seems simple enough – God exists or He doesn’t. God created or He didn’t.

The answers to these questions will decide who has the right to define those terms. The outcome will be monumental in determining the future of our society and nation.

Gay, straight. Same sex, opposite sex. Polygamy, monogamy. The real question and conflict is not between differing opinions of “normal” – but truthfully, between those who believe in/follow God, and those who don’t.

In the meantime, we should be tolerant, right? And tolerance should work both ways I believe. If one has the right to believe one way and even voice his/her belief – should the other viewpoint also not be allowed the same freedom and respect? Neither should have the right to force, coerce, or demand  the viewpoint embrace or condone a lifestyle or a definition of “normal” or “marriage” they find diametrically opposed to the heart and teachings of their God – any more than those holding to a more traditional viewpoint of “normal” and “marriage” demand the other viewpoint believe in God and follow the Bible’s teachings.

Ultimately, God will decide. If He exists and is truly is the Creator, He will answer the questions for all of us. If He doesn’t exist and didn’t create anything or anyone, then all of this will be a mute point.