Lesson from a Wedding


I went to a beautiful wedding recently. Everything was perfect, and everyone was beautiful (except for the guy in the Hawaiian shirt, shorts and tennis shoes – I didn’t really get that one). Shaving on Sacred Saturday, and wearing a coat and tie in the hot, steamy afternoon were somehow worth it to be around beloved friends and witness another beautiful couple exchange vows with stardust in their eyes, and hope in their hearts.

Jesus, performed his first miracle (or at least the first one we read about) at a wedding, and I couldn’t help thinking about the great lesson it holds for us – no matter what the issue, problem or challenge we are facing in our marriage – or in our life…..

1. Invite Jesus Into It – if Jesus hadn’t been invited to the wedding, He wouldn’t have been able to perform a miracle. Ask Him into your situation.

2. Bring Your Need to Him – when Mary encountered a problem (the wine was running out), she didn’t try to figure it out. She didn’t try her way several times and in desperation finally ask Jesus for help. She heard about the need and sent her servants immediately to Jesus.

3. Give Jesus What You Have – six empty stone pots was all that they had to hold liquid. Jesus asked them for what they had, and they brought the pots to Him. Jesus looks for our availability, not our ability.

4. Do What He Says – Mary’s last recorded words are the key to living and walking with Christ. The wedding miracle only happened when they obeyed what Jesus said. Sometimes we ask Him for help, but don’t like His answer, so we don’t follow through. Sometimes we don’t understand His answer, so we wait for clarity. Jesus was moved by Mary’s faith, not her need.

I also love the fact that Jesus’ wine was so much better than the wine they had already served at the wedding. His “wine” (provision/answer/way) is always better than ours. The last thing that strikes me is that Christ met their need with abundance. He filled every jar they brought him to the brim – and with the best.

What are you facing in your life and marriage right now? Invite Jesus. Bring your need to Him. Give Him what you have. And, do what He tells you to do. He will abundantly supply what you need.


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One thought on “Lesson from a Wedding

  1. Great perspective on bringing our difficulties to Christ. Even Jesus asks us to invite Him in. He said if we are not welcome, wipe the dust of that town from your feet and go to the next town.
    I believe there were miracle(s) that Jesus had performed before this. Yes, it is the first recorded miracle; however, how else did Mary know that Jesus could turn the water into wine?

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