Becoming the Husband You’ve Always Wanted to Be

...and she deserves.



Why did Jesus compare His followers to sheep so often? Why not bulls, or lions, or something a little more substantial? Sheep? They can’t find their own food, water or shelter. They can’t defend themselves. They eat grass. They’re  just pretty uncool.

Then it dawned on me. The stories were more about the Shepherd than the sheep. Sheep need to be shepherded. They have to have someone who will lead them to food, water (still water actually because they will not drink from water that is running) and shelter every day. They have to have a shepherd who will protect them from harm. They even have to be led to pasture where they can rest. Without a loving, devoted shepherd they would certainly die.

I used to be a little offended at being compared to a sheep, but now I am very proud to be someone who is dependent on the Good Shepherd for life. Another lesson from John 10 and Psalm 23 is that it is He Who will make me lie down and rest; He Who will go before me; He Who will lead me to still waters and restore my soul. He will lead me in righteous paths and protect me with His very life. What a wonderful Shepherd!

It seems like He is doing all the work, so what is my responsibility in all this?

I am told to simply listen (my sheep hear my voice) and follow (and follow me). If  I will do whatever it takes to stay close to Him every day, listen to what He tells me to do, and then do it….. I will learn what it is like to enjoy His promised “abundant life”  (John 10), and experience a life where, “I shall not want” (Psalm 23)…. knowing that “nothing and no one can snatch me out of His hand“.

The very best thing I can do for my wife, marriage and children – is walk with Jesus. Deciding to draw near to Him, listen to his voice and do what he tells me is the single most important thing I can accomplish today, and tomorrow, etc. Every other decision flows from those decisions. Want to be a fabulous husband? Follow Christ and let him love your wife through you.

Learning to follow


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  1. Later in John 10 Jesus is questioned by the Jews in the temple and quotes from Psalm 82. It’s worth reading to reflect on how we are not only called to be shepherded, but also to shepherd on God’s behalf. As Jesus was “the light of all men” (Jn 1), so we are called to be “the light of the world” (Mt 5). When he appeared to his disciples (e.g. his sheep) after his resurrection he left them with these words, “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.”

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