Little Girls Grow Up













All little girls (and boys) grow up eventually, and have to face life as a grown up. While they are young though, God gives us a wonderful opportunity to impact their world forever. It is a daunting task, but a marvelous, God-given adventure none the less. And the scary thing is – we only get one chance at it.

As anyone with grown kids will tell you – time FLIES by. They go from riding hot-wheels to borrowing your car keys in no time. They fly past running to daddy for a shoulder to cry on, to running to another young man whose intentions you are suspect of. The time literally speeds past like a locomotive. Yet, like most dads, we find ourselves often wishing they would just “grow up” and quit acting so childish. That will happen soon enough.

Please dads, take time – make time – to father your little girl or boy. Don’t fall for the lie that says “it’s not about quantity, but quality” when it comes to spending time with them. It IS about quantity. Lots of quantity. Your child needs time with you. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, or travel to exotic places – just be with them.

There is no substitute for spending the morning at the neighborhood creek catching crawdads, or having a picnic at the park. Don’t miss the opportunity to play catch, to catch their first fish, to dance with the princess in your life. Speaking of – my granddaughter (age 7) announced to me this weekend that she wanted to “dance with the prince” as we all played together on Sunday morning before church. My first thoughts (sadly) were – “oh man”, and “I don’t know how to dance like a prince” – but thankfully God spoke to my heart to get up off my lazy keester, hold her hands, and slowly walk around in circles. I suppose princes don’t dance so well either.

She loved it, and wanted to do it again and again. Funny thing is – hours later, when the two of us were all alone – my  youngest granddaughter (age 2 1/2), asked me if we could dance too. She had no doubt been watching earlier and also wanted her chance to dance with “the prince”.

Daughters need their daddy. Sons need their daddy. Not just part-time. They need time with you.

Where else will your son learn what kind of man he wants to become, or your daughter catch a glimpse of the kind of man she wants to marry. Where will they see how a man is supposed to husband a wife. What kind of daddy they become will largely depend on the daddy you are to them. Your daughter will look for a man who is “just like dad” if they grow up experiencing your gentle, unconditional love. Your son will want to be the same kind of father you were to them if they get to walk in the shadow of your love and wisdom.

Yes, we all DO have time. We simply need to MAKE the time. Make time with your daughter/son a top priority on your “do list” this (and every) week. Their well-being depends on it. The future of their marriage and children depend on it. God sovereignly placed them in your care for a reason. Don’t wait till a “better” time. You will be sorry.

Your little girl/boy will grow up – and faster than you think. You can’t get one day back.

The best gift you can give your kids – is you.