Love Means……


Following with the theme of “what God requires of us as husbands”, the primo verse has to be Ephesians 5:25, where God calls us/commands us to “love our wives as Christ loved the church”. The logical question to follow is – how did Christ love the church?

Ephesians goes on to say, “and gave Himself up for her”. Okay, so what does that look like? As you know, Christ humbled Himself and left His deity in heaven to come to earth to redeem all of us back to a right relationship, a personal, intimate relationship with God. In order to do that He had to “humble Himself, even to the point of death”, “take upon Himself the heart of a servant”, and live his life in complete dependence on the Father. He said, “I can do nothing unless the Father in me does the work”.

He sacrificed everything – for his church, his bride – for us. So, where does that leave you and me with the original question? What are you and I doing to love our wife, “as Christ loved the church”? Are we humbling ourselves? Are we dying to ourselves and our “rights’ and agendas? Are we serving? Are we at the place where we are desperate to hear from God because we don’t have a clue what to do next?

Fortunately, God didn’t leave us alone and powerless to figure this out on our own. We have the same resources Jesus had when He was loving the church down here on earth. We have a very real and present Father Who has all the wisdom, power, patience, and resources we can ever need. We have the Holy Spirit inside us to “guide us into all truth” and empower us every minute of every day. The trick is – do we avail ourselves of these resources – like Jesus did?

Do we rise “a great while before day” to seek His wisdom and strength? Do we pull away from the hustle and bustle to “be still” and hear His voice guiding us, telling what what to do, what to say, what to not say…?

As the leader of our home, it is up to us to set the tone and atmosphere in our home. We will also be held accountable for how we do it. Scary isn’t it. We all need to pray for each other – sharpen each other – disciple each other – in the most important mission of life. Remember…..

Your marriage will be as fulfilling as is your walk with Jesus!