Loving Well


We all work at what we find valuable. We spend lots of time, and money, striving to be better at golf; bag that trophy deer; become the mvp of the softball team, etc. We devote hours to being better at our job, or even keeping our yard one of the nicest in the neighborhood.

What about that which matters most? How devoted are we to our daily walk with Christ, and our most valuable earthly relationship – our wife? Do we spend as much time with them? If you’re like the vast majority – the answer is a resounding “Not much”.

How can we truly love someone that we spend so little time with? What message does it send? Honestly, the message is “you’re not as important as these other things in my life”. That single message breaks the heart of God, and slowly numbs our wife’s heart toward us.

We are commanded by God in Ephesians 5 to love our wife “as Christ loves the church”, and “gave Himself up for her”. Every day Jesus awoke to the demands and needs of the people (the church) around Him. He spent all day, every day, devoting Himself to meeting those needs. He truly loved the church and gave Himself, and His agenda, up for them. The Bible says He “lives to make intercession for us” even today. He is still working for, living for, and loving – us.

How are we loving our wife? What would God say if we asked Him?

Take some time to ask. Seek Him for how to love her better; to love her more like He loves His bride.

Love her well this week…………..