Before I laid my head on my pillow in my bed last night, I set my alarm for the time I wanted to get up this morning. The alarm went off and I  rolled out of my bed to begin to do the things that I have on my agenda for the day. I  enjoy a nice long shower, leave my towel on my floor and proceed to study my wardrobe for the outfit that makes me look very professional here in me-ville today. “Honey, where’s my new white dress shirt? I really need that one today, if you could run the iron over it I would sure appreciate it”.

After grabbing some semi-healthy breakfast food, I give the wife and kids a goodbye peck on their foreheads, wish them a good day (doing whatever it is they do all day) and then dart off in my car, to fight the obnoxious drivers who don’t seem to have a clue that I am now on the road, and have important business to attend to. Why they don’t just pull to the side of the road, I really don’t understand. After all, this is me-ville.

Slipping into my favorite parking spot, I dart into my office, turn on my computer, plop into my chair and begin my important work here in me-ville. Who do I need to call today? I have goals for 2011, and I need to meet them in order to have the year I plan to have, so that I can make that extra money that I need to buy the stuff I need to increase my comfort or my status here in my life. I can see me now…. playing with my new clubs, or should I buy that new shotgun like John has? Maybe I can get that new flat screen LED at BestBuy. Boy, that would be awesome. People would really be impressed that I could afford one of those.

Another back-breaking day at my office and so I once again manuever my way through the supporting cast of villains who thwart my journey home in me-ville. “Hi honey, and hey kids, boy did I have a hard day at work. I think I’ll just change into something comfy before dinner. By the way, what’s for dinner anyway? Did you make something I like?”

As I am changing out of my work clothes, and politely laying them on the bedroom chair, my mind quickly turns to what I like to do when I get home to my house. “What’s on TV tonight? Oh yeah, this is game night…great. I’ll be able to stretch out in my chair and unwind from such a frantic day, and enjoy an ever-so important game. I have to know what happened when the guys start talking about it at the office tomorrow”.

“Great dinner honey. The game’s already started, so I need to grab my seat. After all, I had a really busy day at work. Thanks for all you do. You know I love ya right?”

Man, this chair feels good. “Hey babe, would you mind bringing me my glass of water? I left it on the table”. Kids, could you keep it down a bit? This is an important game and my team is losing right now, okay?”

“Where’d everyone go? Oh, she must be helping them get their baths. She’s a great mom.” “Hey, goodnight kids; sleep good; daddy loves you”.

“Wow, it got late fast. What a great game though. Can’t wait to tell the guys I stayed up to watch that amazing touchdown at the end. Well, I guess I need to head on to bed. I’ll set the alarm so I can sleep in a little in the morning. Hmmmm, I wonder if she would be up for a little roll in the hay. “Pssss, honey; are you awake?”

When is everyone going to wise up?

Life, after all, is about me.