A few years ago my wife and I traveled back to one of our favorite places – Jackson Hole, WY. One morning we drove up to Yellowstone National Park and were once again completely captivated by God’s grandeur, His majesty, and creativity. The mountains, the rivers, geysers, wildlife (moose, elk, buffalo, etc.) make us want to get a job, pitch a tent (you can’t afford a house) and move there. We love it!

The Falls in Yellowstone are huge. They are majestic and beautiful – and LOUD. You can walk down a trail right beside them and get very wet from the spray. You can’t hear a thing.

I thought about the Falls the other day as I was struggling to pray and hear from God. There seemed to be so much “noise” in my head that blocked out what God might be speaking. I couldn’t quit thinking about my busy day at work, the couple we needed to hook up with for counseling, the blog post that needed to be written, the website I’m working on, my kids, my grandkids, etc., etc. My mind was flooded with noise. I knew God was present. I knew He was speaking. I just couldn’t hear Him.

I hate it when that happens. I so want to hear from God about all my life issues, but I can’t dial in His frequency. All I hear is static.  He reminded me that I have an enemy who desperately doesn’t want me to meet with God, and who produces most of the static in my life and in my mind. I spoke out loud a brief prayer to rebuke him from my time, and to flee from my mind. And, just like the Word says, he fled from me. What a relief. It was as if someone had turned off the Falls. All of a sudden – silence. Blessed stillness – and a one-on-One dialogue with my Father.

What noise is playing in your head? Work, yard work, do-list, vacation, in-laws, finances, politics, evening news, soccer tournament, heat and humidity…? There seem to be thousands of things that the enemy uses to occupy or distract our minds from what really matters in our life and in our marriage. Ideas that work for me (feel free to comment about what works for you) include:

1. Pray out loud to God. Silent (mind) prayers get the most disrupted for me. Thinking prayers instead of praying prayers tend to get interrupted more often for me. Use of a crafted prayer can keep me on track when I am being sidetracked. (Email me if you want a copy)

2. Resist the enemy and he WILL flee from you (see James). He cannot hear your thoughts, so remember to speak out loud. Simply tell him to leave your mind and thoughts in the name of Jesus.

3. Listen to more worship/Christian music throughout the day, and watch less news and sports. “as a man thinketh, so is he”.  “Above all else, guard your heart” – above ALL else guard what goes into your heart (mind).

If you can’t hear what God is saying because of the noise in your mind – do something about it. Don’t miss another day. You’re missing vital information….