We make hundreds (maybe thousands) of choices every day. When to get out of bed; what to wear; what to eat; what to listen to; where to park; what work priority to tackle first; where to eat lunch, etc., etc. and these are just the most obvious ones. Our mind is flooded with thoughts and somehow we have to sort through them and decide which to accept, which to ponder, and which to throw away.

We also have many unwritten, unspoken priorities when it comes to how we arrange those choices. Who and what is most important in our life. Then, we categorize the rest according to how we feel, or what brings us pleasure or fulfillment, etc. Example: if your #1 priority is to stay in shape, or lose some weight, you might set your alarm to wake up early enough to go to the gym to workout, or the trails for a bike ride or brisk walk. You choose this because you deeply desire to shed the weight, or to keep it off, or enhance your overall health.

God very plainly and deliberately tells us in His Word that we should have “no other gods before Him”, or that nothing and no one should come before Him. What does that actually look like in our life though? Do we tell God He is #1, and still go about living the way we want to? Do we attend church on Sunday to feel like we have “given” Him some time on the first day of the week, and that should suffice for top priority? How do we actually live with God as our #1 priority every single day? What does this look like on a daily basis for you?

God also tells us as husbands that we have another top earthly priority? Check out this verse:

but one who is married is concerned about the things of the world, how he may please his wife…” I Cor. 7:33-34

Our primary concern as a husband (just below our walk with Him) should be to please our wife. How does that feel to you?

Hard to swallow?



How are we doing with this?

What priorities are on your list ahead of our wife?

If we were to really grasp this truth, and deliberately seek God for His power and grace to live it – our lives and our marriages would be radically changed. A woman who knows that she is #1, will respond in amazing ways to her husband. Remember the verse, “he who loves his wife, loves himself”? This too, is true.

Let’s seek God for practical ways to show our wife she is #1. Words alone are hollow. Pray for grace and for His blessing as you obey His Word. He will always do “above all we can ask or think”. So, why wait another day?

For His glory,


Desires dictate our priorities, priorities shape our choices, and choices determine our actions.
– Dallin H. Oaks