Be honest. When you sing “All Hail the Power of Jesus Name”, do you ever have to double-click in your mind when you come to the line – “Let angel prostrate fall” to make sure you’re going to sing out the proper word….prostrate versus prostate? Am I the only one?

I know the words. I know the difference. But, for some reason I find myself jumping ahead of the lyrics and doing a quick Google mind search to make sure I don’t deeply embarrass myself. I sang that recently at an Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s Conference (men leading men in worship is such a great experience), and I did it again. Just weird I guess.

The experience did draw me to ponder the word prostrate again on a deeper level.


1. Lying face down, as in submission or adoration.
2. Lying flat or at full length.
3. Reduced to extreme weakness or incapacitation; overcome.
There are roughly a dozen examples of the word itself being used in the Old Testament. Mostly it is used when someone is repentant before God, or as a sign up deep honor/respect before someone, or overcome in God’s presence. There are several references to people, angels and heavenly elders “falling down” and “worshipping”…..basically prostrating themselves.
So, my question – to myself and to you is this………  when is the last time I have lay prostrate before the King of Kings? Have I ever humbled myself to the point that I would literally lay down on the floor in reverence before my God? When have a lay prostrate before God even in a figurative, attitudinal way? Do I honestly revere God at all?
Of course, I would say I do. I don’t dare admit I don’t quite measure up. But am I humble enough to assume a physical posture that shows Him and the people around me that I am fully devoted to my King? Do I walk forward after the service just to kneel at the altar and pray? Do I raise my hands (or hand) in worship as a sign of surrendered praise and worship to Him? Do I even pray on my knees, or take a knee occasionally as a show of respect and adoration before the Almighty? Or –
Am I simply too prideful to allow anyone else to see me do such a thing? Is what they think of me more important than what my Father thinks of me. Are they worth more to me than He is?
Oh my……. I better stop here, cuz I am deeply convicted that I have some pride to deal with.
I wonder if I will bow down, get before Him and deal with it – or just say a quick passing prayer while sipping my coffee and heading off to work………………