All In Marriage offers three very unique seminar presentations for use with large groups, or for marriage/couples retreats and conferences.

1. All In – A 6-hour, one-day Seminar designed to reacquaint couples with God’s special design for them and their marriage. In addition, couples will learn more about spiritual warfare, and how to effectively deal with the real enemy of marriage. Lastly, couples will get reacquainted with God’s commands for husbands and wives, and see what God says about their unique roles within marriage, and how to go about fulfilling those roles on a daily basis. Upbeat, fun, transformational. (Seminar is also perfect for a Friday night – Saturday venue, or Couples Retreat.

2. How to Make Love to Your Wife/Husband – is a fun, PG-13 rated adventure into the subject all couples struggle to discuss together. Men/Women will finally hear what the other has been trying to tell them all along. Discover what intimacy really means to your wife/husband, and what you can do to love your spouse as God intended. God created it, so what does He have to say about it? Your men’s/women’s group or retreat will love this relationship changing event!


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