Sharing Your Gift

Knowing your spiritual gifts and identifying your talents has been rather vogue over the past few years. There are multiple tests you can take to determine these traits. And once you recognize your God-given abilities, you can learn better ways to serve in your church and community. What spiritual gifts do your friends compliment you on? What talents do others value in you? Do you have the gifts of discernment, humor, or organization? What about public speaking or painting? As men, it can be a great feeling to use our gifts to help others.

Yet it makes me wonder, are you more willing to bless others with your talents rather than using them to love your wife? Are you a prayer warrior, always willing to pray aloud for someone in need? When was the last time you took your wife’s hands and prayed over her? Has the Lord blessed you with the ability to play an instrument or sing? When was the last time you gave your wife a personal concert? Do you have the gift of encouragement and are you quick to speak kind words to a friend? When was the last time you told your wife why you appreciate her—and kept eye contact with her? When you see someone in need, are you quick to jump in and help? When was the last time you volunteered to clean the bathrooms or vacuum—without being asked?

I’ve been blessed with the ability to write, to take my thoughts and feelings and construct a message on paper. Over the past few years, I’ve been using my talent to write a story for my wife—the story of how we met, fell in love, and were married. As I write, I’ve noticed an amazing response in my heart. My love for my wife has increased the more I take my natural talents and put energy into using them for her. Too often we use our gifts for others and forget to bless the women in our lives. Take a moment and think about your gifts. How can you bless your wife today?


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One thought on “Sharing Your Gift

  1. I wrote a song for my wife and sang it to her on our wedding day over 10 years ago. In the few years following our wedding, I was amazed how she would light up when I played this simple, little song. Sadly enough, I rarely play the song anymore. In fact, just a few days ago I was playing my guitar and could barely remember the words. Here I fiddle while Rome burns. Good thoughts Jon.

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