The 1 Thing Your Marriage Needs More Of…


One thing is constant in this world; one thing doesn’t discriminate; one thing is distributed equally among us all………time.

We all have time; but how we use it can make a huge difference in our lives and our marriages.

Are you average? Here is what the “average” American spends their time on:


Yes, most of us have to work, and our bodies demand that we sleep. Granted some sleep longer and some fewer hours – but these statistics are for the average American. Most of our day is taken up by sleeping and then working. If you are an over-achiever you may sleep less and work more. Then, there is taking care of kids, parents, dozens of household activities, and a few minutes to woof down a couple of meals.

So – where does maintaining a vibrant, healthy, even thriving marriage fit in?

We could eat together, or do household chores together – or even come together for some leisure activities and sports, right?



Well, there ya go. Darn television, Facebook, email, Pinterest, etc., etc. By the time most of us get off work, wrestle a few kids, eat a quick dinner, bath a few kids, read bedtime stories (you still do that too I hope), and tuck everyone in bed (at least 2-3 times)….we flop mind-numbed in front of the TV until started by the bad news that dominates the evening news. Then, we drearily head to bed.

Something has to give – and here is my heartfelt advice:

#1 Priority is Time with God. Sleep a minimum of 30 minutes less (you can make it) and wake up 30 minutes earlier. Grab your java and get alone with Him. If not possible in your world – turn off the TV earlier, shut down the tech – and end your day with at least 30 minutes with your Father.

#2 Priority is Time together. What ever you have to do – DO THIS. Get involved in leisure activities together (walking, gym, tennis, golf, biking, hiking, etc.). Go on picnics, make date night a top priority (really), get away at least one weekend a quarter if at all possible. Your marriage is more important than your kids. Turn off the TV and talk together, plan together, dream together – again. Play a game. Get involved in a ministry or community service project together. Do it.

#3 Priority is Time alone.  Our tech-drunk world compels us to stay connected, answer all texts and emails asap, find out what everyone else is doing on FB, until we look up and our day is gone and we have spent zero time thinking – planning – dreaming. When is the last time you simply went to a park, or on a walk, or grabbed coffee – all alone. No phone. No TV. Just being quiet – really quiet. God urges us to “be still” so that we can get to “know Him” personally, intimately. Why we don’t run toward an opportunity like that is sad to me and I know breaks His heart as well.

When you get older you begin to “feel time”. You can actually feel it slipping away; moving faster and faster every year. The end is approaching and the “good ole’ days” are fading quickly. It is here that we begin to question what we have done with our time, with our days, our months, our years. What did my life count for? What did I do that really mattered?

Today is the day. Live it. Don’t just let it slip away unnoticed.

Glorify God.

Enjoy your spouse.

Stay connected to the Father who created you and wants your life to matter.