The Nude Journal

Guest host Jon shares a 3-part series on his wrestling match with lust. I hope his honest and candid approach will speak to each of us, and encourage us in our struggle.

Part one of a three-part series

I recently spent a month carrying a journal around. Everywhere I went, I slipped the black-and-white composition notebook under my arm, ready to jot down observations:

“Female customer wears low-cut blouse and shows cleavage.”

“Woman in bra for Target ad.”

“Movie: Angelina Jolie takes off her clothes.”

I’d better explain.

I’ve given up my passive approach to battling lust. It hasn’t worked. If I wait until temptation strikes before strapping on armor and unsheathing my weapons, it’s too late and I’m caught in my boxers. So instead, I’m facing the enemy head on, storming the beach and taking the hill. And that’s where my journal comes in. I needed a map to show me exactly where my war is waged.

Just as “food” journals encourage people to take a critical look at their eating habits, I kept a four-week “nude” journal to take an honest look at my daily intake of risqué images. I wanted to see if I’d developed a habit of “snacking” on impure images throughout the day, of taking in more sexual pictures than I realized.

I don’t visit pornographic websites or watch sexually graphic movies. But there are times I walk down the street toward pornography’s house—not to knock on the door and enter but for the chance to take a quick glance in an open window; such as visiting a sports or political website knowing that there may be a sexy thumbnail on the homepage. I don’t click the link, but it’s enough to quicken my heart.

In keeping this journal, my rules were simple. Whenever I became aware of a sexual image or message, I had to write it down along with my response. (A sexual image constituted any time I’d be embarrassed if the depicted woman was in the same room with me and my wife walked in). Thus, I jotted down shampoo commercials when a woman soaped up, even though our culture wouldn’t consider this a sexual message.  But the fact that I’m seeing her bathe through a screen rather than in person shouldn’t matter.

This journal forced me to take an honest look at lust in my life and examine my daily habits. I also wanted to know how many times a day I had to choose between taking a lustful look or bouncing my eyes.

I hope the next couple of blog posts help you understand one guy’s wrestle with lust. And know this, by the Holy Spirit’s prompting and through this month-long journal, light has shined upon specific struggles, and chains that have become all too comfortable are being broken.


Part 2 coming very soon…….

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7 thoughts on “The Nude Journal

  1. I don’t know where you are going with this series, but part 1 leaves a lot to be desired. This is the lamest post I’ve ever seen on this blog. Also, you should study up on the effectiveness of journaling and waging war – both are highly ineffective ways to overcome something. They keep you focused on the problem instead of the solution.

    For me, not looking forward to the rest of the series. Huzband, you need to intervene here!

  2. I love the idea of this journal – I’ve heard about spending, food, and time journals, but never a nude journal. Very interesting!

    I can’t wait to see parts 2 and 3!

  3. Wow, what an awesome way to really challenge yourself on your intake of what our culture thinks is appropriate content! I’m constantly surprised by the “crud” that we are regularly exposed to, and writing it down would simply amplify the amount, but give excellent armor for the defense! I’m excited to read your next post to see how you used the journal next!

    Thanks for the brave challenge to our sex crazed media world!

  4. First off, congratulations on being voted as a Top 10 Marriage Blog for 2011. That is fantastic! Okay, onto the blog post. This is an incredibly creative idea to tackle a real problem that most don’t even realize exists. We are inundated with sexually explicit photos and movies far more often than we are aware. Many have become numb to the fact much of this is inappropriate. So what you are suggesting is an awakening of sort and I comment you for that. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Survey takers guessed that twice as many people are having extramarital affairs as really are, estimating that 44 percent of married men and 36 percent of married women are unfaithful. The reality is it’s not as rampant as we think, with 28 percent of married men and 18 percent of married women admitting to having a sexual liaison, the survey found.

  6. Wow! This is an immensely creative idea that the Holy Spirit sent to you. Lust has no conscience! Having been exposed to pornographic dvds I stumbled across as a teenager, I have battled with both pornographic dvds and the spirit of lust ever since. I really need the Holy Spirit’s help in this area of my life as it is really a battle I have in my mind.

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