The Other Marriage Reality


One day Adam and Eve were “naked and unashamed”, enjoying each other as no other couple has ever since. They were completely happy and walked with God every single day. They heard His voice and enjoyed His presence. He taught them about life, work, love, sex and how to be fulfilled in their marriage relationship.

The next day Adam and Eve were embarrassed by their nakedness, clothed, hiding from their Father God and blaming each other and God for their circumstances. That same day they were banished from His presence, didn’t hear His vice, and had no clue how to be fulfilled in their marriage relationship.

What a difference a day makes. What happened?

They encountered a creature like non other they had ever encountered. An attractive, affable, engaging creature that spoke with them and planted thoughts in their heads they had never considered before. Eve no doubt pondered his words and took them to heart. She spoke with her husband about them and convinced him that the creature might be right. Maybe God was holding out on them; maybe He wasn’t looking out for their best interests and they should choose for themselves what was best.

After considering the creature’s arguments, they concluded he must be telling the truth – so they took him up on his offer, and did what God had told them not to do. That decision cost them everything, and has cost everyone born afterwards – dearly.

They discovered the hard way that married couples have to know more about life and marriage than essential principles: communication, intimacy, roles, etc. They discovered that creature was actually their mortal enemy, and the destroyer of marriages. Regrettably, they discovered he was actually a liar (“the father of lies”), a thief, a deceiver and a destroyer.

As married couples we face this same enemy today. Because of Jesus, he has been disarmed and defeated – but he still lurks and he still destroys marriages every single day. He continues to be the #1 reason for divorce and destruction in our relationships. If we don’t recognize him (like Adan & Eve did not), and don’t know how to deal with his schemes – we too will become prey to his substantial skills.


Part 2 – coming soon….. Please read it, and please send it to all the married couples you know. It is crucial for all of us to know.

Above all else, guard your heart –