We’re Being Replaced?

Ever had a conversation with your wife where you wish you could go on auto-pilot?

Whatever it is that she’s telling you, you’ve heard it a thousand times already, and the only safe thing to do is agree. Well iHusband is your answer! Just turn it on, pick a husband type, and let him repeat what your wife wants to hear over and over and over again.

“Sure honey. Right. Of course. Whatever you say.”

iHusband will listen attentively until she stops to take a breath. When she does, just tap the screen and let iHusband speak the perfect response.

Guaranteed to make her think you care!

This is the actual promo for the new iHusband App for your smart phone.

Now the goal seems to be to just “make her think you care”. What will they think of next? Are we an endangered species?

While a cute and novel idea, it makes me think about how low the God-ordained role of husband has sunk. We are having our glorious “office” assaulted by the media, and redefined by the govenment. Sadly, future generations are being severly influenced by these influencers.

I hope you will stand with me and determine in your heart that “for you and your house” you will be God’s man, and God’s husband – not only to your wife and children, but for the world around you to see. They desperately need role models to display for them what God intended for marriage to look like.

Keep being deliberate. Keep loving unconditionally. Keep shouting (like Paul) to the world – “follow me as I follow Christ”.

Don’t become an app,


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One thought on “We’re Being Replaced?

  1. While it doesn’t really surprise me that someone created such an app… the idea of actually using such a thing sounds dangerous. I can’t imagine the response I would get from my wife if I used it (the level of wrath, I mean)… she certainly wouldn’t think that I cared.

    Releasing this as a joke I get. If someone actually uses it and believes it will work, that is what I have an issue with.

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