What is Your Chicken?

            As you study this photo, you notice things. The knife on the table, the steam rising from a pot on the floor, but most interesting is the expression on the gentleman’s face. It seems to be a look for doubt, or pondering. Could this full-grown bird have been a household pet? Was he the kids’ favorite little chick? Maybe they had watched him grow up – clucking around the house, and waking them at sunrise every morning for years.

It seems there might be some second-thinking about what he is about to do. But, his family is hungry and needs to eat. He knew it would come to this one day. And now is the moment. He is all alone. He knows what he needs to do. It’s the right thing.

Reminds me that we all have “chickens” in our life too. Familiar habits, inclinations, and sins that we have grown up with. We have even grown fond of them over the years – like a familiar friend, they are always there. We can even find ourselves defining ourselves by them, ie: “that’s just me, it’s the way I am”. Or maybe it is a sinful habit that we have not been able to free ourselves from and so we simply give up, by giving in – time after time. It just seems too hard to let go.

This guy has a chicken. It must die in order for he and his family to live. Not pleasant, but very necessary.

What is your chicken? What has God been speaking to you to kill? What in your life needs to die in order for you, your marriage and your family to experience life to the fullest? Could it be: anger, fear, doubt, lust, greed, selfishness, sensuality, laziness, insecurity, or others? God will show you if you ask.

Get alone with God.

Get the knife.

Say your goodbyes.

It’s time……………….


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