What’s So Hard About It ?

Last night was the first night of our new men’s small group, called The Husband Class. We will be meeting until Christmas in order to better figure out what God’s heart is for us as husbands, what we need to do to better bring Him glory in our marriages, and how to be the servant-leader our wife desires.

Sounds simple huh? If you have answers, please come join us.

Since so many of you are far away – we would love to involve you in our study via this venue – if you’re up for it.

One of the questions asked last night was – “For you, what is the hardest part of being a good husband”? Well, it didn’t take much thinking time for the guys to start throwing out answers:

– knowing my wife’s needs, and consistently meeting them

– opening up and sharing my heart (feelings, thoughts, dreams) with her

– taking the time (and having the desire) to talk with her through issues

– praying together

Any of these sound familiar? I bet they do. I bet you have some more you could add.

We also discussed how our enemy hates God-honoring marriages, and will do whatever he can to distract us, discourage us, keep us from our class, create strife with our wife, etc., as we deliberately seek to be better husbands and create healthy, God-glorifying marriages. We must be alert, and suited up for battle for this one guys.

So, the plan is to take some blog space to involve the rest of you in our study. We will mix in some study-related posts along with other huz-related stuff over the next months. You are invited to watch quietly from the sidelines, or become active participants via your comments and posts. We’re all trying to learn how to do this better, and none of us has “arrived”.

Anyone on Twitter? Follow us at – @husbandmentor

Keep referring other guys to the blog and Twitter pages – God is using all of us to affect change in husbands, and in marriages. I am convinced that husbands are the key (as heads of our homes) and that our marriages will only progress as far as we do.

It starts with me,


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5 thoughts on “What’s So Hard About It ?

  1. Thanks for the post. Would enjoy participating when possible! 🙂 I’d have answered the question by saying that the toughest part for me is consistently and regularly dying to self and loving my wife before myself. I’m selfish and want my way. I want to use “my” time how I choose. Getting better at serving and loving first is a desire of mine.

  2. Thanks for opening your group up for outside participation. I would agree with all of the responses. I know my wife wants to pray more together. I’ve struggled with my own prayer life so much of the time I often feel inadequate to meet this need she has. Well lets just say I’m working on it.

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