About Us

Our Mission

To educate, equip, encourage and mentor husbands and wives who are passionate about their walk with Jesus, and their mission to bring Him glory in their marriage.

Our Vision

That every husband and wife really “know Him” and His God-breathed design for them personally and as a couple. That they would experience daily the depth of His love for them and His great adventure called – marriage.

Our Goals

To continually produce compelling, biblical resources that can be used by married couples, small groups, and church ministries to equip husbands and wives around the globe with God’s design for achieving fulfillment and oneness in marriage.

To present powerful, entertaining, and paradigm-changing marriage seminars/workshops wherever He leads us.

To raise up and equip marriage mentors in the local church to provide encouragement, accountability and inspiration to married couples of all ages.

To make a profound impact on the divorce statistics in the local community and the devastating impact of divorce on families and children.

To significantly improve the quality of marriages that feel trapped, bored, and unhappy with their current situation, even if not considering divorce.


All In Marriage, Inc. is a ministry of MarriageKeepers Ministries, Inc., and is governed by a Board of Directors who meet regularly for prayer and planning. MKM, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Ministry, designated as a not-for-profit organization by the IRS. Gifts are tax deductible.

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