How to Destroy Your Marriage


If you want to know what the Bible says about marriage there are many places to look for answers. None, however, sums up the advice I seem to always fall back on when counseling married couples in need better than this one section of Proverbs 24:

If you will allow me to paraphrase for our purposes….

One day I walked by the relationship of a very passive, lazy husband,
    and then noticed the home of his very busy, distracted wife;
They were overgrown with problems,
    thick with dissension, all the protective fences broken down.
I took a long look and pondered what I saw;
    their marriage preached me a sermon and I listened:
“It’s not that bad, I’ll work on it later, let’s not rock the boat,
    sit back, take it easy, maybe it will go away” we convince ourselves —do you know what comes next?
Just this: You can look forward to an unfulfilling, unhappy marriage,
    with disappointment as your permanent houseguest!”

An unattended lawn will grow thick with weeds, vines and thorns. An unmaintained car will end up on the side of the highway. A neglected, unmaintained marriage will eventually end up in ruin: unfulfilling, unhappy and broken.

A healthy relationship requires work. Like a lawn or a vehicle, it needs regular attention to keep “running” properly. Don’t ever assume you can coast your way to a great marriage. Work at it regularly – before troubles overtake you – and see how God will bless you for it.

Those who work their land will have abundant food – Prov. 28:18


Start today,